Thursday, July 25, 2013

Google nexus 7 more fast and flat, but expensive

This is not exactly the Google's top went to Private, simply the company today announced the The latest version of the Favorite seven-in nexus 7 tab, which leave be pronounced Active July 30. Opening at $229-$30 Much that the Tablet displays the previous version now thinner, more High resolution 1920 x 1200; A young also has the Snapdragon processor, 5-megapixel rear camera and the 1.2 MP front Photographic Cameras.
Google nexus 7 more fast and flat, but expensive.

While the size of the book shelf only 0, 64 mm 8.65 Inches thick, that the emphasis is on the screen is. It is a tablet of High-resolution seven-inch Marketplace, on 323 picture elements are Compact into all in. Mini iPad has inch on a low resolution screen, 1024 x 768 7.9. Detailed step bar not only new hardware specifications, But also sweet 4.3 Android version coming out on these tablets. 4.3 Android Are Simply a soft update Android 2.2, but Includes several user profiles that are requested.
Now with several accounts And profiles more Maternal masters race May restrict their access to applications And cutting access to the Tablet Archives they can facilitate the entire family.

Google launches Google playing today a standalone Application that optimize people play with Google more social network with Works of friends. The game will be ready as Android powered devices; Tablet and phone nexus will be Only for 4.3 of Google Android.

Tablets have the greatest obstacle for Android Application. While it is more than 1 million application stores, Just 200,000 Or more for the largest screen on a Smartphone optimized. Google's plans, found In the app store with Tablet facilitate nexus 7, only experts tell that as 7-inch screen has the nexus 7 similar to as a mobile The call, the app choice is perhaps not as great A concern, as is the case with the 10-inch tablet is dimensioned.

But Moorhead who thinks improved more than 7 Original link even in $30, that information about the shot Pellet, it is real Nice competes with other tablets of seven to eight inches Active the Marketplace, admitting a mini-iPad. Als considers that Google may come at the price of $199 For the holiday season.

"I think that Google is in one place, what was Really good On the fresh tab. Apple Has never Wanted to be in this fight with seven or eight in tab. You have been mixed, "Moorhead." Said the tour by fire and originally Google nexus thinks That the display resolution retinal surface increase iPad menu is enormous Pressure on Apple. Or you've seen a sharp blow turnover for your holidays.

7 new Nexus will be available July 30 on stores Game Google, Wal-Mart, Top purchase and extra retailers.

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