Saturday, July 27, 2013

Want cheap industry imports canned tomatoes

Want cheap industry imports canned tomatoes
The proposal to increase rates of only Australian editor tomatoes could Mark the end of canned tomatoes, imported at low prices and on the shelves in The supermarket. SPC Ardmona, an important supplier of food stored for supermarket chains, And pleaded on the northern politics to present an emergency rate on importation of canned Tomatoes and fruit to revive the beleaguered sector. In the presentation the Australian Productiveness direction, company 30 percent tariff on canned tomatoes, 45 Percent of canned fruit Two hundred daylights, to pay "breathing" of the industry. This approach will Increase the selling Cost of foreign trade goods, supermarket or stopping Imports.

Around the vineyards, tomatoes and fruit sugar Australia support the body For appeals, but the pic countries exporting canned-for example in Australia, Argentina, Chile, Turkey, Republic of South Africa and Kingdom of Thailand is different than The trend, earlier a national hearing checked Canberra close week. SPC Ardmona charged They get up By the Australian dollar, passing through large supermarkets will Sell cheaper imported products for serious damage to tomatoes and fruit Industry. They say, well, ' throw ', As nation torrent the food market for their products at a Loss, Appropriate cost $ 1.51 Italian Capriccio, Annalisa $ 1.47. These years, SPC Ardmona declared forceful cuts until it is a contribution in fruit, with more than 1,500 jobs are Involved. The company is at present the single canned tomato Processor in Australia, said the presenter. SPC Ardmona CEO Peter Kelly is convinced That prices Leave comprise adoptive. "We accept a lot, and we Is pleased that the The commission received a significant number of independent observations to enabled. Expect urgent and positive action and fast. The producers agree that tomato industry in Crisis.

"If we don't begin to do more for our products, we cannot grow in Australia. Mr weeks, ran the 1,200-acre farm in Rochester, North of Victoria Falls as thirty-one a long time on his boy, his nephew, said the market share Of this tomato fell half over the last decade, while the number Australian manufacturers. Argentina, which Exportations tomato products, I discord that at that point had better comprise A rate. The Turkish Government also rejected the request for a fee.

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